Aboblay is founded by producers Mea Dee (Producer/Turntablist) and Yadamnskippy! (Producer/ Percussion/Vocals). Later to be accompanied by d’Axe (Guitar/Vocals). After spontaneously creating a number of unorthodox tracks, the particular style they founded encouraged them to continue to produce tracks with a similar feel. Positive feedback from their peers resulted in taking serious that what started off as a joke. Aboblay: music with an enthusiastic approach and a positive feel. Sampling records no other producer would choose to combine: influences of extreme variety like gipsy, flamenco and Hindi movie music over raw Hip Hop-based drums. This combination mixed with a live guitarist, percussionist, vocalist and turntablist is the identifiable Aboblay sound.
MLK Was born in Ku’uak (native for the sound a frog makes) deep in the forests of the Amazon, where he got both his ears bit off by a swarm of killer piranhas. Deciding to train his hearing to compensate for his loss he started playing the ‘Kua-aak’ (native for an instrument that makes the sound a frog makes), he went professional to purchase a raft and sail halfway across the world stranding on the east coast of Iceland boarding the first flight to London. Mbam Was born in Badeo Namawasatabi (native for happy town) in the south east of the Equatorial Guinea. Raised serving the national airforce in freighting. No surprise that in Denmark (his very first destination) he married a local girl and filed a divorce within the day of arrival, now walking the European lands as a free man since 1989. We found Sam when he was twelve years old, with a ukulele attached to his right arm. We never knew where he was from, or how you get an instrument connected to your arm. Rumor goes from sick genetic experiments, to a simple freak of nature. No reason to love a child less.